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Lene Bjerre

Lene Bjerre

The story of Lene Bjerre

Some say it all comes down to the light. In the northern part of Denmark, situated in the midst of nature and with the sea close by, Lene Bjerre Design has its base. There, the light is spectacular.

Lene Bjerre have a history of merging handicrafts with design, and trends with tradition. They take pride in letting nature into our lives, and in creating rooms to live in. Rooms that reflect personalities, and let personalities have a base from which to engage in vibrant conversations, lovely dinner parties, candle lit nights and the everyday hustle and bustle that is life.

Life is lived with people and when people gather, rooms are turned into homes. Lene Bjerre travel the world for inspiration, finding it in objects used by people, in culture, in nature, and in techniques.

Some might say Lene Bjerre merges current trends with the classic Scandinavian feel because of the light that surrounds us. They say they do it because of the people: The dedicated, creative and talented people of the company, and the people who want to live in beautiful rooms, sharing them with people they love.

Lene Bjerre, create rooms to live in.

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